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6 ArtRage Tricks for reviewing your work

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6 ArtRage Tricks for reviewing your work
1. Mirror Images (all desktop editions)
The old traditional trick of holding your work up to a mirror can be replicated far more easily in ArtRage simply by pressing ‘H’. This will flip the entire image horizontally for as long as you hold the ‘H’ key down, allowing you to get a completely different perspective on your work and catch mistakes.
Press the ‘V’ key to flip the image vertically, and go to Edit > Transform All Layers and then press H or V to permanently flip your entire image.
2. Cover Sections of Your Image (all editions)
This isn’t a very digital trick, but it can definitely help! Reduce your canvas size, or lean back, and hold up your hand or paper to block out sections of your painting. See if it makes sense, and if any thing jumps out – often you’ll find that with part of the image hidden, your brain projects what should be there, rather than just looking at what is there already.

3.   Composition: Grids (ArtRage 4.5), Symmetry (AR4), and sketch lines (all editions)
Grids can be used to check that your work is aligned properly and conforms to real world physics (more or less!). Add a grid over the top of your work to double check the composition and layout.
You can also use it to actively guide your work, either beforehand, in the planning phase, or by using the ‘Snap to…’ option to adjust your existing content when using Transform.
Grids also appear over reference images, allowing you to doublecheck your proportions. Try switching between Pixel and Square spacing.
Symmetry does not allow you to snap images to anything, but you can use it to quickly sketch out shapes and check whether your drawing is symmetrical or not.
You can also just sketch out lines manually of course! Add a new layer and divide your canvas into three (vertically and/or horizontally) to check the rule of thirds layout.
Straight lines in the desktop version can be drawn using Ctrl (and Ctrl+shift), the Ruler stencil and Grids. You can just use a normal ruler or something for touchscreens!
You can also import images of lines as tracing images or extra layers over the top of your work - just Google for ‘rule of thirds’, or ‘Golden Ratio’, to name the most common layout ‘rules’, or grab the Golden Rectangle and Golden Ratio/Spiralfrom the ArtRage forums.

4. Layers (all desktop editions, iPad, Android)
Make sure to merge down excess layers, and combine them logically to help you keep track of different parts of your image and speed up your workflow later.
  • If you need to keep layers separate, consider creating Groups to help organise complicated paintings (AR4)
  • Name the layers that are difficult to identify (desktop editions)
  • Toggle the visibility on and off to check what is actually on each layer.
5. Scripts (all desktop versions, iPad, Android… sort of!)
If you record your painting process as a script (File > Record Script), you can replay it later and study the playback to watch the evolution of your painting. You can record scripts in Android, iPad, AR3 - Studio Pro & AR4 and play them back in all desktop versions except AR2 (including the AR4 demo).
6. Image Adjustment (AR4) & Blend Modes (AR3 - Studio Pro, AR4, Android, iPad)
Go to Edit > Adjust Layer Colors in ArtRage 4 or Studio Pro to play around with contrast and hue on individual layers and see what jumps out at you. This can show up issues with contrast or color combinations and is a quick and easy way to quickly try out different effects.
To change the entire image at once, either merge all layers or export the image and edit the single layer version, or add a new layerover the top, fill it with color, and experiment with blend modes.


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