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Drawing human poses

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You can do pretty much anything. Video:
The harder it gets, the more trickier it's going to get when you?re doing really weird poses. Sometimes, they're not going to work out. But basically, if you think you've got this down, you can actually just, like I said, just go with a simple circle pose, or whatever and have him, you know, standing, maybe his shoulders out toward you and he's putting his hand up. You know, so maybe his hand's getting bigger because it's getting closer towards us. And his other shoulder's off in the distance. And, so, you have his leg. Maybe his other leg is slightly bending. Maybe he's floating. You can make him look like he's floating. But, the basic idea is, you know, the closer things are going to get to you, the bigger they become. Like a hand or whatever. And then, the farther away it is, the shorter it becomes. So, you just have to play with it and figure it out how, you know, just practice and get it down to where you feel comfortable with it. And, then, from there, like I said, you can do an overlay and really just get rid of all the circles and all this sketch junk and go in and draw pants and shadows and all that fun stuff. The next segment on this, I'll actually get into that and how, the basics on how to draw facial features or whatever. So, that's what the next segment will be on. But, as far as this, like I said, basically the idea is with foreshortening, is just remember that, whatever you're drawing, whatever's closer to you is bigger and whatever's far away, you know, just like when you look down a road, gets smaller. But with the human body, it's a little more difficult because it's a lot of training you eye to see what looks right and what doesn't look as right. So, just a lot of practice and I'll get into the human head and how to draw correctly, how to draw the human head using just, looking at other parts that you've drawn already to use that to actually use that in scale to make sure everything looks alright. So, yeah, so that's the section, pretty much. I'm just going to kind of keep sketching so you can get an idea of how I would do it, so I wouldn't have to go through all this stuff that, you know, once you got that down, you don't really need it any more. You can just kind of do it, you know, on your own. You can still check it, you can still eyeball it and see what you've done. And from that point, just kind of check your drawing, just by your own eye. So, that's it, that's the idea.


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